A Town called Rank

The Band sets out

Watch out for Wendy!

Our intrepid band of salvages- Rock Chick,a Speedster Mindbraker,Noname,a Pyrokenetic Hyper-cognitive and Triff,a Doppelganger Plant traveled to the one horse town of Rank.

There they met the proprietor of the only store in town,Bob.He runs a General Store/Bar/Junk Dealership/boarding house with his associate Wendy,a hairy white werewolf the size of a small truck.
The gang trade in a heap of stuff including a horse for among other things a piece of Omega Tech that,according to Bob will replicate petrol in their pickup truck.

While in Rank our mutant band observe the daily entertainment in the town,once a day a robot comes from the hills to the outskirts of town and blows up.Triff finds out that the Robots seem to be coming from a Badder community somewhere in the hills, after conveying this to his companions they all decide to stay the night at Bobs and in the morning head off to see if the Badders would be willing to trade Tech.The Badders have Robots,what else could they be hiding up there?
Chick,Noname and Triff spend most of the night at the bar at Bobs where they discover the local glowing red brew called “Fuck”,they fall into conversation with a regular,a blue chap with a bulbous head who gets sadder and drunker as the night progresses.
Blue man excuses himself at close to closing time and a short time later there is a loud bang outside Bobs.Bluey has blown his head off with a Panzerfoust-no name procedes to pinch the Panzerfoust before anyone else gets there hands on it.

In the morning the mutants head to the hills,they follow the well worn tracks of the Robots for most of the day and mid afternoon discover a 30 foot Tower guarded by Badder Guards and Porker Marauders.

Triff’s Idea or barter is to insult the Pig Men Porkers to their face,a fight ensues and our merry band wipe the floor with the bad guys.Rock Chick climbs the tower with rope and grappling hook and the others follow suit,they find at the bottom of the stairs 3 badder guards and a Yexil (orange furred lions with bat wings that shoot lasers from its eyes).After a “ding dong” battle the group kill the guards and Yexil and proceed down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs 2 badder guards have overturned a table and are waiting for action,one of the party (I forget who) blows the table to bits and slaughters the guards,rounding a corner our adventures discover a large room with a machine in the centre of it,also in the room is a cage containing several blank eyed villages and more badder guards.

The machine emanates a harmful aura and during the course of the melee Rock Chick is killed-only to come back to life surrounded by a blue glow,the badder guards are killed and that’s the story so far….



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